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Wills and Estate Planning

A Will is a legally binding document which identifies the disposition of the decedent's estate.  When someone dies without a will, the State of Wisconsin decides "who gets what" in your estate.  If you determine that YOU want to decide the fate of your estate, you'll need a Will. 

It's true that "You can't take it with you", but a properly executed Will allows you to determine the fate of your property and the person appointed to administer your estate.

We've been executing Wills in Spooner, Wisconsin for over 35 years.  We have the knowledge to create a very simple Will or a very complicated Will. It all depends on how you want your estate distributed, and nobody else.  Lawton & Lawton is well versed in Estate Planning law to ensure that your wishes can be accommodated, one way or another.  The law of Wills can be complicated, there are some things you can do, and some things you can't.  You may have questions.  We'll have answers.  We can guide you through complicated areas, including: property not subject to a Will, minimizing taxes against your estate, what to do with real estate, or how to care for your pets.


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