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If you have decided to end your marriage, it’s likely you’ll experience a range of emotions during the process, making it difficult to work out all the important issues. Fortunately, mediation is designed to help in situations like this. For many, it’s a favorable alternative to going through a long, drawn-out, and expensive court battle. However, that doesn’t mean it will automatically produce favorable results. According to the divorce attorneys at Lawton & Lawton, S.C. in Spooner, WI, it’s important to be prepared before entering into mediation so you don’t make mistakes that could hinder a positive outcome.


Participate in good faith. 

The only way mediation will work is if both parties go into it with an open mind. You should be willing to explore all options and consider compromising on certain things if it truly benefits your family. This is an opportunity to come up with a creative solution that will allow everyone involved to move forward peacefully, even if it means agreeing to terms different from your original wishes. 



Have unrealistic expectations. 

Despite your effort to enter mediation with the best intentions, it doesn’t necessarily mean your spouse will do the same. Don’t go into negotiations having unrealistic expectations about what they will agree to or be shocked if they aren’t willing to compromise. Be ready to have a valid argument explaining all the reasons why your proposal is the ideal way to go. 

Feel pressured to agree on terms quickly. 

You should never feel like there’s a time limit on figuring out issues as important as child custody, the division of assets, and alimony. If you aren’t comfortable settling after just one mediation session, inquire about setting up a second one. The goal is to come to terms that both parties are satisfied with, as you are working on a legally binding document you will have to live with. 

Mediation is often successful at helping couples resolve their disputes in a professional and efficient manner by removing the emotions that come with terminating a marriage. If this sounds like an approach you may be interested in taking with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, it can be helpful to consult with a divorce attorney at Lawton & Lawton, S.C. before proceeding. They will ensure you are fully prepared for the process, and your best interests are protected. Contact them at (715) 635-7525, or visit their website to learn more about the family law services they provide.