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While it is possible to end a marriage without a divorce attorney, people who have done it usually wish they had hired legal representation. Lawyers play important roles in the outcome of the event. From being strong advocates for their clients to eliminating confrontations between spouses, here are a few ways attorneys help their clients complete the legal process successfully. 

Considering Filing for Divorce? 3 Reasons to Hire an Attorney

1. Develop a Strategy

Divorce attorneys use their legal knowledge to educate their clients and help them understand their rights and responsibilities. Based on their experience with previous cases, they will work with you to develop a strategy to obtain favorable outcomes and ensure you get favorable terms when it comes to property division, child custody, and more. 

2. Diffuse Confrontation

Once you hire a divorce lawyer, your spouse must direct all questions and comments about the case to them, not you. That way, you don’t have to talk to your ex or about the case unless you choose to. Your attorney communicates with your spouse’s, which reduces friction between a divorcing couple during a tense and emotion-filled time. 

3. Provide Strong Advocacy

When you need to file the divorce complaint or answer, attend a deposition, appear in court for hearings, review settlement proposals, or go through mediation, your lawyer is there. Their job is to be your advocate, protecting your rights and interests and fighting for the best possible outcome in the process for you.