Lawton & Lawton, S.C.

Andrew S. Lawton & Samuel L. Lawton

Criminal Defense

There’s no sugar coating it - an arrest is a stressful experience.  If you’ve been arrested or received a summons and complaint ordering your appearance before a judge, having a lawyer on your side could mean the difference between a good result and a bad one.

We’re here to help at Lawton & Lawton.  We are experienced in handling all types of criminal manners, including:

-          Misdemeanors

-          Felonies

-          Traffic Tickets

-          Disorderly Conduct

-          Domestic Disturbance

-          OWI/DUI

-          Theft

-          Juvenile

Give us a call or send a message through our website.  We’ll be able to give an honest opinion to your situation, and ultimately, you can make a no-pressure decision whether we will be representing you.  

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